Dr. Bernd Schubert


  • Master in Economics
  • Postgraduate training at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Agriculture (Berlin)
  • PhD in Agricultural Economics (TU-Berlin)

Major areas of professional work

  • Concept development, consultancies, training and moderation in the fields of Project Cycle management (esp. Planning and Monitoring) and Organisational development
  • Institutionalisation of participatory methods at the micro-, meso-, and macro-level
  • Rural regional development, decentralisation, communal development and agricultural marketing
  • Poverty reduction (PRSP), food security and social security

Country experiences

  • Long term assignments: Uganda, Mosambique, Sambia and Indonesa
  • Short term assignments: Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Southafrica, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Phillipines, PR China, Jordan and Armenia

Working languages

  • english, german

Dr. Bernd Schubert

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Dr. Bernd Schubert