Geert Balzer

[Managing Director]


  • Master in Economics and Political Sciences
  • Postgraduate training at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Agriculture (Berlin)
  • Training in systemic counselling (Institut für Systemische Studien – Hamburg) and
    in organisational development (ERGON)

Major areas of professional work

  • Planing, monitoring and evaluation of (rural) development projects
  • Facilitation of planning workshops and conferences
  • Concept development for planning and evaluation approaches of international agricultural research

  • Facilitation of self-help groups and organisational development of corresponding institutions
  • Methodological backstopping of international sectoral projects
  • Support to local Agenda 21 processes
  • Training in the fields of project management (PCM) and team building

Country experiences

  • Eastern and southern Africa (Tansania Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Sambia, South-Africa)
    Indonesia, Philipines, Sri Lanka, Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia)

Working languages

  • english, german

Geert Balzer

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Geert Balzer